Sunday, November 8, 2015

Geocatching, modern day "hide and seek"

A friend recently introduced me to a activity called Geocatching. I had heard a little about the term some time ago while channel surfing TV and coming across a UK travel program, but really didn't have any meaningful understanding about the topic.

It turns out its the evolution of a game thats been played for over 150 years, just morphed with technology from an old hiking activity that combined orienteering, art and puzzle solving. Years ago hikers would leave a postcard or letter on the trail in a makeshift "letterbox" for the next traveller to post for them.

The 21st century version of Letter-boxing uses GPS on your mobile to find waterproof boxes called Geocaches,  a typical cache is a small container containing a logbook. The player enters the date they found it and signs it with their established code name. This is then logged on the Geocache website to assist future players.

Geocache provides a map with clues

At some stage you need to look with you eyes
At last, we have found our first bounty

We sign the log book
I look forward to discovering many more treasures or "swag"  they may be inexpensive trinkets but possess a significant personal value for the achievement of the find.