Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Can Becons Drive Customer Loyalty?

Fori quite some time this year, I've spent many a day educating pub and venue owners of the benefits of using a loyalty program to encourage existing customers to stay and spend more in their venue.

By using beacon technoloigy, the venue has the heads up on who's in the pub at any given time. Take for example, a customer enters the venue and because he had previously accepted "push" notifications from the venue he is acknowledged for his regular visitation and rewarded with an extra drink at meal time.
This level of loyalty could be extended to offering the customer a time limited discount on additional purchases beyond their normal expenditure i.e give the main bar drinker a special deal on food within the bistro the same day.

The beauty is the beacon is notifying the customer as fhey move between the venue about the next offer which is keeping them engaged on making another purchase on premise.

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