Tuesday, March 31, 2009

UGC Reporters

The London based advertising agency Holler who has the account for Red Bull in the UK and sister agency in Sydney have launched a competition to inspire user generated content (UGC) from red bull energy drink customers. Similar to the V-Raw careers campaign from OMD Fuse for V Energy drink reviewed previously on this blog, it appears the team at Holler has identified the Gen Y target has aspirations to live out their vocational dream rather than a desk job and is inviting writers, photographers, filmmakers and presenters to report on our world and showcase their creative talents.

Assignments are progressively announced with current opportunities including Sport: Report from the O’Neill Highland Open, Head to Scotland to report on the world’s best mountain bikers, ‘Go Team Atherton!’ and Formula One’s Fast Lane. Music & Culture assignments include Fly to Austria to cover the Red Bull Paper Wings World Final and Backstage Access at Liverpool Sound City.

The site features the ability to follow Red Bull Reporters on Twitter, RSS and Facebook

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