Thursday, February 12, 2009

Viral Marketing for Disaster Relief

Sputnik Agency have built a site to assist people and government agencies in coordinating those in need of Housing due to around 5,000 Victorians being left homeless by the Victorian Bushfires of February 2009.

The new site,, allows people to register the details of any emergency accommodation they can provide and allow the bushfire homeless to search for emergency accommodation by postcode.

At 8.56AM the had 311 visits to the live site, with 6 offers of housing. By the time the site was live for 15 hours at 11:35AM it was already the #1 result for the search terms "bushfire housing" , "bush fire housing" and "bushfire housing assistance" and #4 for "temporary bushfire housing" among pages from the Red Cross, DHS, Office of Housing, and blog posts from the people mentioning the site.

By 3.48pm the site had 1435 Unique Visitors and 51 houses have been donated. Then it made the news on SMH, The Age, The Herald Sun, to name a few and by 5:56PM we have 3438 unique visits with 135 offers for housing.

The social networking tools included Twitter, Facebook Groups

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