Sunday, January 11, 2009

The siteless website

Web 2.0 in action by Modernista

Modernista! is a advertising company in Boston USA. Last year it redesigned its website to prove its understanding of social media and appear a a listing in whatever channel you used to look up the URL i.e. it appears as a Google search results page, Wikipedia entry, Facebook page, Flicker and You Tube etc , with a small navigation menu overlaid in the upper left corner which reads "You are viewing Modernista! through the eyes of the Web. The menu on the left is our homepage. Everything behind it is beyond our control." On that menu are links to in effect the web presence is "Siteless"

Navigation of the site

ab.ou.t - Modernista is not for everyone, links to Wikipedia, Facebook and Bookmark us
wrk - Print (comes up in Flicker), TV (uses You Tube), Web (uses Delicious).
n3ws - Google News and Google Blog News
cont@ct - USA & Europe (uses Google Maps), Jobs (uses

Visit the site here or type Modernista into Google, facebook or Wikipedia

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