Thursday, October 30, 2008

Present trends of Interactive Advertising

On 29 October 2008, I attended a event discussing present trends of Interactive Advertising

The event held by AIMIA included a presentation by Mark Armstrong who is the head of Local and Classified Advertising at Google, he spoke about the basic mechanics and value of paid search advertising and the need to combine SEO & SEM.

Mark started with a concepts such as "Moment of relevance" To illustrate his point that people search what is relevant to them. He then invited the audience to particapte in the Awareness Test from You Tube

Mark spoke about the shifts in the market and trends to look out for over the next year. Such as hits spike after an offline event

He then showed a new Volkswagan UK advert

Volkswagan UK advert

He said people would search the term "Best Small Family Car" This was the opportunity for auto comapies to get their product in front of the consumer such as to get into what he called "Consideration Set" That is the top of the list on Google.

He commented that

  • 62% dont go past the first page

  • 37% make their decision in less than 35 seconds

The second speaker was Andrea Cartwright, GM of Strategy for Sensis Digital (Sensis' digital display business, which includes Media Smart)

She used her observations and case studies to discuss the opportunities and challenges in today's digital display advertising market.

Points were

  • Integration is critical, while personalisation, accountability and great content will sort the winners from the losers.

  • The market was changing - consumers are more savvy

  • Standard banners were evolving and as a result technology was increasing in its sophistication

  • Mobile was on the increase

  • Video adverts were also increasing

  • In Game advertising was being used for hard to reach demographics

Andrea gave a Case Study on Manta Accommodation

Click Through Rate - 1-2%
Using advertorial on Citysearch in the voice of the traveller to drive click through to the website

She also gave a insight into the Brisbane Film Festival which medium to low budget of $20,000 so they used an offline campaign look-a-like compteition, got media coverage for free

Andrea Top 5 for Interactive advertising

1) Undertstand your objective
2) Know your audience
3) Integrate the message
4) Measurement and ROI
5) Be open to suggestion

The third speaker was Alan Long, Asia Pacific Research Director from Hitwise, he explored the topic of behavioural patterns online:

He confirmed an offline event reported in ATL media caused a spike of search traffic and mentioned Organic Search (SEO) accounts for 93% of Click through

Alan said to check out his blog more details

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