Monday, September 8, 2008

A trillion unique URLs

Google recently detected more than a trillion unique URLs on the Web.
The vast majority of the world’s domain registrations are Top Level Domain (TLD). A Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) is a Domain extension that represents geographical regions such as .uk for United Kingdom.

The top 10 ccTLD's are
  1. .de (Germany)
  2. .cn (China)
  3. .uk (United Kingdom)
  4. .nl (Netherlands)
  5. .eu (European Union)
  6. .ar (Argentina)
  7. .it (Italy)
  8. .us (United States)
  9. .br (Brazil)
  10. .ch (Switzerland)
There are over seven million .uk domain names registered. Uk is the third largest ccTLD, with both .cn (China) and .de (Germany) both having over 12 million domain name registrations.
The Italian ccTLD(.it), has passed 1.5 million registrations. .it is the fifth ccTLD in Europe and the seventh in the world to reach this milestone. Today there are more than 1,553,000 names registered.

The .nl ccTLD has reached three million domain registrations, making it the largest ccTLD when one looks at the number of domain names registered per person with almost one domain name for every five Dutch people. It is also the fourth largest ccTLD in terms of total registrations behind .cn, .de and .uk.

Spain's ccTLD, .es, passed the one million mark reports Sedo. The passing of the milestone occurred much more rapidly following liberalisation of the registration rules in the .es name space two years ago.

The number of ccTLD in Australia is also
over 1.1 million.
This total is made up of the following groups 1,036,390 115,664 34,734 3,515 9,062
Total .AU 1,199,365

Registration of a business, company or domain name does not in itself give you any proprietary rights-only a trade mark can give you that kind of protection. The same word(s) may be registered by different people as business names and trade marks. However, the registered trade mark owner can sue the business owner for infringing the trade mark if the business name owner uses it on goods or services similar to those covered by the trade mark registration.

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